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A few days ago, my friends wanted to watch a movie. I said yes without knowing which movie my friends  had in mind. I later found out that it was a movie called “Max… something” and it’s about a video game becoming real. “Oh.. like Jumanji?” “Erm.. ya, I think so” Right.

So watching the movie with an expectation of a teenager being sucked into his PC, I got a little confused after 15 minutes of watching the show. I slowly realised that my friend was definitely wrong about the plot, so scraping my mind clean of any expectations, I returned my attention to the movie. After another half an hour, I found myself dozing off. I am not impressed with the movie. I sort of figured out the rest of the movie before the first hour.

The graphics, however, was fantastic. Unfortunately, that is the only nice thing that I can say for the movie. I found out AFTER the movie, that Max Payne is actually a video game. Sort of like Resident Evil. Duh

Well, the movie is not that bad. But if you’re not a Max Payne game fan, I’d suggest you borrow the DVD from a friend, rather than paying for the movie tickets.