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A few days ago, my friends wanted to watch a movie. I said yes without knowing which movie my friends  had in mind. I later found out that it was a movie called “Max… something” and it’s about a video game becoming real. “Oh.. like Jumanji?” “Erm.. ya, I think so” Right.

So watching the movie with an expectation of a teenager being sucked into his PC, I got a little confused after 15 minutes of watching the show. I slowly realised that my friend was definitely wrong about the plot, so scraping my mind clean of any expectations, I returned my attention to the movie. After another half an hour, I found myself dozing off. I am not impressed with the movie. I sort of figured out the rest of the movie before the first hour.

The graphics, however, was fantastic. Unfortunately, that is the only nice thing that I can say for the movie. I found out AFTER the movie, that Max Payne is actually a video game. Sort of like Resident Evil. Duh

Well, the movie is not that bad. But if you’re not a Max Payne game fan, I’d suggest you borrow the DVD from a friend, rather than paying for the movie tickets.

“Mamma Mia.. Here I go again…”

Honest truth : Meryl Streep going ” You are the dancing queeeeeen, young and free, only seventeeeeen” doesn’t quite work for me. And 007 – the man with the license to kill – singing with sad droopy eyes filled with emotions? C’mon… I want the guns and the shades! And the singing, oh the singing… There were screeches everywhere!

However : ABBA can never go wrong. I found myself singing along and at some points, on top of my lungs too.  Good thing I didn’t watch this movie at the cinema or I might just encounter a terribly embarrassing episode. It made me dig up my ABBA CD I have not touched for some time. The dancing was a tad too ‘over’ for my taste but it did make me laugh. And the part where Donna was helping Sophie get ready for her wedding moved me to tears.

Well, overall I would still rate the movie as a must-watch. Pierce Brosnan was as dashing as ever, Colin Firth was the charming Englishman that he is and it is quite entertaining seeing Meryl Streep singing and dancing to Mamma Mia. And the ending (sigh) was just lovely…